Valve Repair

AVS can perform many of the same services in the field as we do in our facility. Our field trailer is a fully functional mobile safety relief valve repair center with machining, cleaning, and testing capabilities for both air and liquid. Our technicians are also experienced in field repair of critical isolation valves, including pressure seals.
Type: All Valves

In-line Testing

Many customers ask us to perform annual set pressure tests for safety valves that are welded in-line or too large to rig, using our state of the art ‘in situ’ safety valve testers. We will deliver test and service reports to you before we leave your site.
Type: Safety Valves

Upgrades & Modifications

Whether installing a stem extension or gear operator to improve ergonomics, or adding electronic or pneumatic actuation to a valve to improve process efficiency, AVS has the tools and expertise to meet your needs.
Type: Isolation Valves

Turnkey Outage Solution

AVS offers many services to improve outage efficiency and assist you in meeting your commitments, including pre-outage asset walkdowns, pre-outage materials planning, project management, removal and reinstallation of valves, and daily status updates.
Type: All Valves